Understanding STEM, STEAM and STREAM

Understanding STEM, STEAM and STREAM
William Jackson, M.Ed. STEAM Teacher

Educational resources are very important
to bring attention to students of new
and evolving careers for youth, teens
and young adults.

The world is based on knowledge, creativity,
discovery and intellectual design. As
society embraces the increased integration
of technologies like Voice Technology,
Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Realty
and other forms with robotics.

Youth, teens and young adults need to be
educated, mentored, have role models that
look like them and access to resources that
provide scholarships, internships and new
engaging learning opportunities.

School districts like Duval County Public
Schools are providing unique and empowering
resources to help build digital innovators
to be the leaders and “out of the box”
thinkers that will be needed to solve
challenges that will be faced in the future.
It is hoped you enjoy the videos from students
at TLAM STEAM class with Mr. Jackson.

First Video Contribution
TLAM STEM class celebrating the
International Space Station by
TLAM Students and Mr. Jackson

Second Video Contribution
Twin Lakes Academy Middle students
building animated logos, understand
meaning of building Brand awareness
and incorporating technology and
STEM, STEAM, STREAM into learning
modules. Incorporating WordPress
strategies into the classroom.

Third Video Contribution
There is a whole lot of STEAMing
going on at the STEM lab at Twin
Lakes Academy Middle school in
Jacksonville, Florida.
Students are using resources, tools,
The Arts, digital platforms and other
learning tools to build their digital
skills sets for future career potentials.
A Whole Lot of STEAMing Going On at TLAM