The Influence of African American and Afro-Latino Bloggers

The Influence of African American and Afro-Latino Bloggers
William Jackson, M.Ed.

WordCamp with William and Aida
WordCamp with William and Aida

Black, Brown, African American, Afro-Latino/Latina content
creators should always consider the influences of the content
they create. They should never allow others to demean and
devalue their ability to create powerful and authentic content.
There are numerous content creators like Aida Correa-Jackson
born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and business owner of
LoveBuilt Life, LLC now living and
active in Jacksonville, Florida.

Showing that in Northeast, Florida technology businesses that
are run by Afro-Latina women are influential and create changes
in the narratives that women can be successful in multiple levels
of digital technologies.
William Jackson born and raised in Philadelphia, Pa, owner of
My Quest to Teach
educator of 33 years and community servant since moving to
Jacksonville, Florida by way of Philadelphia and Palatka, Florida
teaches students in the local public school district that students
digital content matters and has long reaching benefits in life.
Residing in Jacksonville, Florida they, and others represent the
influence of the diversity of color and culture as technology has
taken hold of how people view, read, listen, create, comprehend
and apply information.

William and Aida are considered as  “Silver Surfer Bloggers,”
a term of respect and admiration because of their accomplishments
and achievements over decades of work that shows that Black,
Brown, African American and Afro-Latino people needed to get
their technologies houses in order and prepared for the future.
Both are over 50 and proud of their Jacksonville community, they
have seen changes in the direction of  technology engagement for
youth, teens and young adults. Their contributions of free tech
workshops with the Jacksonville Public Library, partnerships with
The Microsoft Store, selected at Connect Ford Bloggers,  volunteering
and organizing with WordCamp and KidsCamp conferences locally
with WordCamp Jacksonville 

Ford Bloggers William and Aida
Ford Bloggers William and Aida

William and Aida have traveled  nationally and internationally to
share with  youth, teens and young adults that their digital
content is important and influential.
They and many others, represent the beauty of diversity, generational
growth and digital influence of  Afro-Latina and African American
couples to be volunteers, speakers, teachers, organizers and
advocates for WordCamp and other technology conferences like
the Florida Blogging and Technology Conference and EdCamp
Conferences that cater specifically to teachers.
FlBlogCon –
EdCamp –

Aida and William encourage all families of color and culture to
attend, participate, engage, advocate and even sponsor others
to attend tech conferences locally, nationally and when safe
internationally. Their passion is to share the educational and
economic empowerment for families of culture, diversity, gender
and the welcoming and embracing of inclusion
in gender and generation.
In order for families of culture and color to grow out of economic
challenges the integration of technology should be a priority. The
use of technology is not just playing games, it is not just playing
on social media, it is not seeing how many friends our views
can obtain, it is about content that is influential and generates

Diversity of Ford VIP Bloggers
Diversity of Ford VIP Bloggers

Black, Brown, African American, Afro-Latina/Latino should be
moving from being consumers of tech to producers, innovators,
creators and developers. Education is key to growth and elevation.
Black, Brown and Latina/Latino parents need to have a vision of
the future for their children. Not a single vision of success in
sports and entertainment, but a vision of allowing education,
sports and even entertainment to collaborate and encourage
youth to rise above and dominate careers of technology.
There is room at the digital table for people of color and culture
to start their own companies and hire others of color and culture
to manage  and embrace new levels of intellectual growth.
Children of color have unlimited opportunties to learn, grow and
even advance in areas of STREAM.
Science Technology Reading Engineering Arts Mathematics

Being involved in WordCamp conferences since 2011 for William,
his first WordCamp was WC Orlando 2011 and Aida first WordCamp
was WC Miami 2018. Quickly growing in their volunteerism and
advocacy in attendance for people of color and culture. Encouraging
students attending HBCU – Historically Black Colleges and Universities
across the nation.
What better way to show the empowerment in education, economics,
financial growth to HBCU students and to families of color. Attending
WordCamp conferences and even the Florida Blogging and Technology
Conference in Orlando, Florida held at Full Sail University.

Afro Latina
Afro Latina Blogger

William, professional educator and Aida, author and artist,
both attend EdCamp Educational conferences held nationally.
Encouraging teachers to look digitally for resources to help modify
their teaching to bring tech into the classroom to build digital
skill-sets, grow digital comprehension and address multiple
learning styles of students.
Sharing their knowledge, skills and understanding  of how
teachers can learn from other to better educate Black,
Brown and Latina children.

Puerto Rico Proud
Puerto Rico Proud

William and Aida have had the honor to be Organizers of several
KidsCamp conferences that are held with WordCamp where
STREAM is integrated across the board learning and engagement
by youth, teens and young adults. The age range is from 7 years
to 14 years and adaptable to the maturity of the kids and
youth attending.
As representatives of diversity they work hard to educate youth
that they have great potential to be excellent and influential.
Both are educators and advocates of STEAM integration to
teach youth, teens and young adults the value, empowerment
and engagement of STEAM and Web Development
especially to youth, teens and young adults of color
and culture.

KidsCamp San Jose in Costa Rica, Central America,
KidsCamp in Alberta, Calgary, Canada, KidsCamp, Central America
and even  a few places in Africa in international conferences.
Representation Matters from a national and
international perspective.

KidsCamp Miami 2020
KidsCamp Miami 2020
WordCampCR KidsCamp 2018
WordCampCR KidsCamp 2018


WordCampCR in Costa Rica 2019
WordCampCR in Costa Rica 2019


KidsCamp Jacksonville 2019
KidsCamp Jacksonville 2019


WordCampYYC 2018
WordCampYYC 2018 KidsCamp


Aida and William teaching KidsCamp Orlando 2018
Aida and William teaching KidsCamp Orlando 2018

Building community partnerships that encourage
growth and development to the youth, teens and
young adults in Jacksonville, Fl. Their content can
be seen at  their WordCamp and Kids Camp
adventures can be followed on WordPress TV

To hear them speak access WordPressTV
Aida Correa –
William Jackson –

So immersed in the education of children in their community
and as SciFi enthusiasts,  taking the quote from the television
program Deep Space 9 the importance that youth, teens and
young adults need to understand for their grow with technology.
William states that “to many youth, teens and young adults do
not understand the unknown value of their existence”
Sisco – Deep Space 9 the Captain of SP9  is prolific in his resolve
to bring peace and unity to the space station.

William and Aida are resolute in helping youth, teens and young
adults to be engaged in any area of tech that  helps them to grow
out of poverty, disenfranchisement, lack of educational access and
powerfully the lack of dreams for a better life.

Being Black, Brown and Afro-Latina/Latino should be a benefit
not a curse when building content creators of diversity, inclusivity
unity and community influence.
Their web sites can be accessible by either voice or traditional

Create My Voice - Chip Edwards
Create My Voice – Chip Edwards

William – My Quest To Teach –
“Alexa run my quest to teach”
“Google, Talk to My Quest to Teach”
Aida – LoveBuilt Life, LLC –
“Alexa run love built life”
“Google Talk to Love Built Life”