TLAMNPC – Twin Lakes Academy Middle School – Newspaper Club

Twin Lakes Academy Middle
Twin Lakes Academy Middle


TLAMNPC – Twin Lakes Academy Middle School – Newspaper Club
Pamela K. Canepa, Language Arts and William D. Jackson, STEAM

Mrs. Canepa and Mr. Jackson teachers at TLAM are sharing their
experiences as published authors, seasoned educators and veteran
WordPress content creators helping students to manage the first
newspaper at TLAM.

Students will be writing about activities going on at the school each
week and posting on their developing website on WordPress. These
are exciting times for the students, they get to share their views of
the world on subjects they enjoy and events happening at school
weekly.  The address for the newspaper is

Students will be learning new skills in web development, journalism,
graphic design, animation, interviewing and reporting of news stories.
These opportunties help prepare them for careers in digital content
creation that are changing rapidly with new
publishing technologies.

Students are thrilled about their opportunities to create content to
post online for students, faculty and staff to read, and for parents
and the community to be involved with. The students making up
the newspaper team are Mildred (8th), Arellys (6th), Charlie (6th),
Hannah (6th), Natalie (6th), Laevan (6th), Angelina (6th) and
Matthew (7th). They represent the diverse student body of
TLAM – Twin Lakes Academy Middle in the Duval County Public
School System.

The platform being used is WordPress (WP) platform that manages
45% of all web sites on the Internet through it’s open-source
development. Mrs. Canepa and Mr. Jackson are published bloggers
and content creators on the WP platform and blog on their individual
sites as well. Both have been writing for several years and have
developed publishing skills they are gladly sharing with the students
in the newspaper club.

The community is invited to read what students are writing and
contributing as their skills grow in writing and publishing.

The site of TLAMNPC is: