2021 – Reflections of Growth Even During an Age of Pandemic

2021 – Reflections of Growth Even During an Age of
Pre-Pandemic and Current Retrospective to our 
Communities as Influencers

2020 was unexpected in many ways, as bloggers, content creators,
professional educators and community servants the degrees of
growth still were there and blessing our communities.
Aida and I even were married during the pandemic and we thank
the Lord for the safety of our children, grandchildren, parents
and other family members. We are appreciative to our church
family a San Jose Church of Christ in Jacksonville, Florida.

Since being involved in the WordPress community Aida (2018)
and I (2016) have had the pleasure, enjoyment and blessings of
traveling to Canada, Central America and across the United States
of America. We have built a family of dynamic men, women, youth,
teens and young adults as we speak about the wonders of STEM, STEAM,
and STREAM that are influencing career choices for Black, Brown
and Indigenous children.

The pressures of teaching physical and health education online as
a professional educator. Teaching students from kindergarten to
fifth grade. Preparing lesson plans, using internet resources and
even collaboration with other teachers to provide worthwhile
lessons.  These are challenges facing teachers in the educational
profession in public, private, parochial and charter schools. All
teachers are a priority in our world, they shape, mold and influence
children’s lives forever. Educators should always be appreciated,
loved, respected and prayed for.

The canceling of WordCamp and KidsCamp conferences that provide
a wealth of information, resources to help men and women, youth, teens
and even  young adults to start new careers in digital technologies
that are being applied today more than ever.  We salute everyone
involved in the WordPress and WordCamp community. Many are
business owners, entrepreneurs and pioneers in technology.

Converting to virtual attendance and learning new skills to present,
speak, share, collaborate and express creativity, innovation and
cooperation in business and as an entrepreneur. The amazing and
challenging changes ironically have been broadcast in movies, books
and SciFi episodes, the reality of fantasy is now. The best example
is the book “The Stand” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Stand
there are others, the list is growing for books, movies and documentaries
detailing past pandemic events and even those that have not happened

Pre-pandemic, Aida and I earned the opportunity to be Ford VIP
Connect Ford Bloggers, a great experience and built our abilities to grow
the influences of our content to build communities locally and nationally.
Being members of the African American and Afro-Latina community of
Black, Brown and Indigenous communities we hope our story inspires,
ignites the creativity, innovation, excitement of learning and exploration of
life and living.

Aida a respected florist, author, poet, higher education professor,
developer of “A Seat at the Table” WordCamp discussion has been
speaking, teaching, volunteering and organizing since 2018. On the
ability of Black, Brown, Indigenous people of color and culture making
significant contributions in fields of technology and society.
Aida has provided free workshops in Jacksonville from the public
libraries to community organizations, The Microsoft Store and other
venues that need her artistic enthusiasm, zest and zeal for life and
embracing diversity of color and culture.

I have been involved in the WordPress community since 2015 and
enjoy the comradery, friendship, partnerships and exposure.
Encouraging along with my wife the increased involvement of
youth, teens and young adults in the community to learn
valuable skills that will be needed in our growing digital futures.

Both of us love our communities,  friendships and extended family
from our attendance, speaking, volunteering, organizing and even
digital evangelism of STEM, STEAM and STREAM.
STEM – Science Technology Engineering Math
STEAM – Science Technology Engineering Arts Math
STREAM – Science Technology Engineering Reading
Arts Math
Sharing our past participation in multiple events before and
during our current crisis of the pandemic.

Aida and I have been blessed to still be actively involved and
contributing to the local, national and global growth of youth,
teens and young adults in STEM, STEAM and STREAM.

Photos throughout 2020 and 2021
More to come….

Aida teaching online…. 

Digital Influencer “Diversity In Tech Panel”
Afro-Latina the former Aida Correa now Aida Jackson

Aida and William – Digital and Community Influencers

Create My Voice – Using voice technology on our blogs. 
“Alexa run my quest to teach” and “Alexa run love built life”
for more information CreateMyVoice.com/

Future astronaut Taylor Richardson

Ford VIP Bloggers – Connect Ford

International Auto-show in Orlando, Florida as
Ford Bloggers and Digital Influencers
with Janea, Elijah and Elisha

Girls Inc Virtual Workshop

WordCamp US – Meeting Matt

William Jackson – Digital Influencer and Evangelist

Past Physical Education Teacher to STREAM Educator
how do the youth, teens and young adults in your life view
you – perceptions are important.
My Quest to Teach

Aida – Artist, Author, Speaker, Instructor, Business Owner
LoveBuiltLife, LLC