Hispanic Heritage Project Award Winners in Duval County Public Schools

Hispanic Heritage Project Award Winners in Duval County Public Schools
William Jackson, M.Ed. and Aida Correa
Students from Twin Lake Academy Middle School participated
in a project by STEM teacher William Jackson and his fiancé
Aida Correa (Afro-Latina) that helped to highlight the contributions
of Hispanics, Latinx, and those of Latin backgrounds and their
contributions in careers as doctors, lawyers, law enforcement,
astronauts, engineers and other high tech careers.
This project was in coordination to Hispanic Heritage Month,
September to October.

During the students research they found significant contributions
of people of Hispanic and Latinx backgrounds here in Jacksonville,
Florida. There are many in professional positions that many are not
aware of and making wonderful contributions that help Jacksonville
build to be a progressive city that welcomes cultural diversity and technological growth.

The students wrote essays that shared what they wanted to be
when they grow  up. Sharing their career aspirations and the need
for STEM, STEAM and STREAM learning in school. Mr. Jackson the
Science, Technology Engineering and Math teacher uses Design
and Modeling with Project Lead The Way.

The project required students to write about their future careers
and why they wanted to have those careers, how their career options
would help people and communities locally and around the world
and select through Internet searches a person of Latinx, Hispanic
and those of Latin backgrounds that have the same career that is living.

Sixth grade student Alex who wants to be a Physical Education
teacher got in contact with the Physical Education Department
of Duval County Public Schools
and connected with Edgar Pabon, M.Ed. the Health and Physical
Education Specialist at the district office. Alex stated that,
“it means a lot to see someone Hispanic as a leader in the schools,
it inspires me to work to be a PE teacher here in Jacksonville.”

The project also had the students identify how Hispanics, Latinx
and others are making contributions here in Jacksonville, in Florida
and across the country. An important part of the project was to select Hispanics that are alive and why it is important for this nation to accept
Black, Brown and people of color and culture.

The students watched YouTube videos about the contributions of
Hispanics in the United States, how and why Hispanic Heritage
Month was started and its influence on the perceptions people
have of Hispanic lives.

Students in his 6th, 7th and 8th grade classes all participated and shared
their writings with other students. Students  6th graders Daria, Miranda, Narissa,  Ricardo and Jacob in the photo earned A’s in the project and
awarded Tshirts  and certificates from technology companies that
William and his fiancé Aida Correa work with while participating in
WordCamp technology conferences.

Next projects will be with SPACEX and NASA, using parachutes to
learn about the space program and international space station.