Seven Continents of Faith for Churches of Christ

Seven Continents of Faith
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The intent of this project (Seven Continents of Faith) is to
share the faith of our youngest members in the Church of
Christ around the world. To encourage and empower
children, youth, teens and young adults.

There are seven continents and each one has  Church of
Christ ministries evangelizing and sharing the Gospel of
Christ. SCF is an opportunity to allow children, youth, teens
and young adults to share how their faith has kept them
centered and focused in faith during the global pandemic.

The prayer is that youth, teens and young adults submit
writings to share their faith in living during the pandemic.
COVID19 has created so many changes in the world the
major changes are isolation and social distancing.

Humans are designed to interact with each other, to share
their experiences and live together. Children, youth, teens
and young adults are especially affected. SCF is asking our
youth to share their stories to encourage others. Sharing
their faith is what scriptures asks of us.

Social distancing in society and soon in schools has profound
effects on mental health and spiritual resiliency. The family
structure will forever be changed and even how worship
will be conducted.

The effects of COVID19 are global showing that people
everywhere share the similar experiences. Children, youth,
teens and young adults have a story that many want to tell.
SCF is a chance for ages 5 to 18 to share their stories with
others globally about their faith being a member of the body
of Christ.

How their faith encourages them, how their faith is their
foundation and how their faith is based on the love of Christ.
In an essay format between 300 and 700 words children,
youth, teens and young adults will share how their faith is
helping them through this pandemic.

For the ages 5 to 12 if creative pictures will work better they
are encouraged through drawings to share their faith to
empower other children, youth, teens and  young adults.

The requirements are information is submitted from parents
email only, not the child’s. No emails will be sold or shared
with others in any way:

1. First name only of writer
2. Age of writer
3. What continent do they live on
4. Name of the Church of Christ Ministry
5. Name of senior minister / evangelist
6. Their writing that they are submitting or photograph in jpeg format.

Email information to:
The writings will be placed on a page dedicated to
Seven Continents of Faith with only the information provided.

Teacher William Jackson, M.Ed.
Teacher William Jackson, M.Ed.