Speaking at WordCamp Rochester 2020

William Jackson Hero Panel WordCamp PHX
William Jackson Hero Panel WordCamp PHX


9:45am Saturday, October 3rd 2020
Using WordPress to Amplify Your Authentic Voice in the Pandemic


Welcome to Track 1 of WordCamp Rochester 2020! Our first
session is Using WordPress to “Amplify Your Authentic Voice in the
Pandemic” with William D. Jackson.

Let’s get our first session of the day going by introducing
William D. Jackson. William is a graduate of South Carolina State
University a historic HBCU and Webster University. He has been
employed with NASA as an Internet and diverse innovation instructor
and employed with the Florida Department of Education teaching
teachers how to integrate digital learning in the educational curriculum.

He has 33 years in public education with Duval County Public Schools
and in higher education, he provides workshops, seminars and other
learning and engaging opportunties in his Jacksonville, Florida community.

William Jackson and Aida Correa
William Jackson and Aida Correa

William and Aida manage the WPJax Kids Meetup for youth
and teens to teach the elements of STREAM. The combining of
STREAM and WordPress to provide fun, engaging learning
experiences. There Kids Meetup is open to the public from

A dedicated educator, community activist, national and
international blogger and teacher. Because of his
engagement with WordPress he has been engaged in
international ministry and teaches with Let The Bible Speak TV
located in Jos, Nigeria. As a member of the Body of
Christ with Church of Christ William teaches the unity
of social media, technology and ministry speaking on

The collaboration with Church of Christ and Social Media
allows blogging and video to work together.

William has been involved in the WordPress community since 2012
and advocating for the continued involvement of youth, teens
and young adults. He encourages college and university
students to attend WC conferences and even takes several
with him when attending or speaking and we might have
some of them in the listening audience today from Jacksonville
or other schools.

William started speaking at WordCamp conferences in 2017
and has flourished since then.
He can be found on social media at Twitter @wmjackson
Instagram @williamdjackson and
Email  myquesttoteach@gmail.com

Amplify Your Authentic Voice in the Pandemic