More Than Just A Physical Education Teacher

More Than Just A Physical Education Teacher

William Jackson, educator, speaker, volunteer
William Jackson, educator, speaker, volunteer

Sharing my digital journeys over the past several years
as a professional educator, business owner, community
servant and member of the Body of Christ.

I have always had a passion for teaching physical education
which I have a Bachelors degree from South Carolina State
University and a passion for teaching STREAM with Aida Correa.
I have a Masters degree in Educational Technology from
Webster University that empowers me to teach not just in
pubic education also in higher education and as a business
consultant and trainer for the community.

Each educational experience and accomplishment allows for
growth in my abilities to teach, create transformative content
for the participation of youth, teens and young adults. To help
empower generations to grab education and embrace
education to fulfill their dreams and aspirations.

William Jackson and Aida Correa
William Jackson and Aida Correa

Aida and I providing free community educational classes, courses and opportunities to empower and inspire youth in the community. To teach
them digital and tech skills that will prepare them after their educational requirements. Being able to blend the two academic curriculum has been a blessing and at times a challenge.

Over 33 years of professional educational service in different communities and in different countries helps to expand knowledge that prepares youth, teens and young adults in school and in the community. Sharing several Podcasts that are phenomenal resources as Podcasts that are national and international.

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Reading Advocate,  Educational Professional,
Social Media Consultant, WordCamp and KidsCamp everything.

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STEAM and philosophy about education.

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“How To Be Dope On Social Media”
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of Diversity and Cultural Connections.”


Let The Bible Speak TV
Let The Bible Speak TV

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Church of Christ – Teaching, Evangelism, Ministry and Discipleship

William Jackson Hero Panel WordCamp PHX
William Jackson Hero Panel WordCamp PHX