The Diversity and Influence of Latinx Content Creators

The Diversity and Influence of Latinx Content Creators
William Jackson,  M.Ed. #MyQuestToTeach

Latinx in Charge
Latinx in Charge

The growing Latinx community in Northeast Florida has
begun to come into its own in political, economic,
educational and societal influences. Gaining access to
increased technological platforms, tools and Apps to
share the increased business interests on a global
foundation.  Latinx, Latina, Latino, Afro-Latinx are
making dynamic challenges in their local, national
and international communities.

Many men, women, boys and girls that are Latinx
like Aida Correa my finance’ which inspires this blog
are Involved in creating positive and productive
changes that are a needed influence to the cultural
diversity of Northeast Florida.

Jacksonville has open arms to encourage Latinx owners
of business and entrepreneurial passions to come to
Jacksonville and share their skills and talents. To build
Brands of diversity, inclusivity and influence.

William Aida Ericka
William Aida Ericka in Costa Rica 

Technology embraces diversity with the building of smart
creatives, digital innovators and artists. This blog is a
shout-out to the growing Latinx communities in Jacksonville.
Inspired by Aida Correa born in Brooklyn, New York and her
passions to build bridges of business, educational, cultural
and entrepreneurial collaborations that promote growth
and acceptance.

The growing accessibility of content creators is having
phenomenal growth and elevation for Latinx women.
Technology is a great force for leveling the fields of
educational access to cultural resources and for women
of diversity to connect and collaborate with each other.
It is common knowledge that when women are involved
in educational pursuits the village, neighborhood,
community and city benefits.

One of the greatest growths can be seen in the Latinx
community and their application of Social Media and
Tech in building their Brands and Marketing their services.
The fastest growing demographic of content creators and
entrepreneurs in online environments that are building
thought leaders, digital innovators and smart creatives
are Women of Color particularly Latinx.

Pura Vida Costa Rica
Pura Vida Costa Rica

The growth of women that have cultural backgrounds of
diversity are finding their voices and building collaborations
on social, economic, educational and global connections
that affect all aspect of their lives. Women of Latinx are being
recognized in the roles of Influencers and “Agents of Change.”
Women are changing the paradigm of intellectualism and
thought leadership because of their content. The growing
opportunities for leadership development and even influencing
economic elevation, tech has the power to change the world
of individuals and cultures.

“Content is King” (Bill Gates) and “Engagement is Queen.”
Women are great engagers, their conversations and
interactions are not just information based, but generational
because when you educate women you educate generational
communities that are seen in the Latinx community.
Because of this many that are non-Latinx become fearful
of the changes that will come.  Latinx communities are
building digital bridges to collaborate and share ideas,
resources, products and services. To grow their community
and educate their children to be future leaders and innovators.

Photos of KidsCamp participants
Photos of KidsCamp participants

Latinx communities is seeing the economic and educational
value of having the whole family attend technology conferences
Florida Blogging and Technology Conference
WordCamp and KidsCamp conferences that are held locally,
nationally and globally:
WordCamp Central

So strong is the influence to tech conferences that Latinx
women like Aida Correa are sought after to speak about
her journey in tech fields. Having spoken internationally
in Canada, Costa Rica, invited to speak in Central America
about the value of diversity, inclusivity, emerging digital
thought leadership and The Arts in Tech.

Latinx Future
Latinx Future

The knowledge is passed down and that knowledge to real
life situations is taught, knowledge is not powerful, applied
knowledge is powerful and changing when it is applied.
Diversity of content creation provides a visual that extends
beyond a person to embrace learning and expansion of
intellectualism. The thought processes of today are changing
because we are a thinking society that has merged from
manual labor.

Women are transporters and engagers of information. Latinx
content creators like Aida Correa, LoveBuilt Life, LLC
#LoveBuiltLife on
WordPress TV, are changing the digital landscapes of Social
Media, business ownership, web development, blogging and
speaking  at conferences.

Lidia Arroy @lidarroy, a computer engineer and web developer
in Costa Rica, Central America and Ericka Barboza @Pastelitocr
also a web developer are part of a global network of Latinx women
in technology. LAtINiTY @LatinityConf –
The Latin America Women in Technology Conference brought to
you by Latinas in computing are literally changing the Latinx world
and its vision with careers in technology even for men and boys.

Web Development for all ages
Web Development for all ages

Aida Correa a speaker at WordCamp has spoken at multiple
conferences,  a sponsor of WordCamp in the national
and international levels. She is changing the paradigm of how
Women of Color, Latinx are thought of as business leaders,
owners, developers of intellectual thought and digital influence.
Aida is not alone because there are others growing and sharing
their knowledge. When they are noticed they should be promoted,
elevated and given a seat at the tables of technology businesses.

The engagement of Latinx women is growing and expanding as
girls and young women of color see content creators that look
like them, sound like them and are seen in their communities
engaged and involved. The more girls of color are seeing women
of color working to be successful this builds future women
business owners that starts the process of generational wealth
and financial / educational stability.

KidsCamp Costa Rica
KidsCamp Costa Rica

Where Latinx families are demanding that their children seek
advanced degrees, certifications and leadership roles in business
and industry. The media is not kind to the Latinx community,
political administrations are not being kind to the Latinx community.
So those in the Latinx communities are creating changes within
and outside.

Businesses understand the dynamics of the lack of women and
minorities, “tech companies across the nation have over and
over said they must do better, Blacks and Hispanics still remain
underrepresented in tech jobs by nearly 50 percent.” This information encourages,
Latinx to be their own bosses and create their own tech businesses
to make changes on their own terms and not having their ideas
stolen or copied by corporate giants.

KidsCamp in Costa Rica
KidsCamp in Costa Rica

Latinx women are influencing changes in technology quickly and quietly,
they are changing the perceptions that have been wrongly presented
by film, movies, television and mass media.  Latinx content creators
are changing the perceptions America and even the world. To expand
their growth women must continue to evolve and expand their knowledge,
their exposure, their access and their environments to participate and
contribute in the area of technology and even STEM, STEAM, STREAM.

Aida Correa 2019
Aida Correa 2019

Community activist, blogger, actor, poet, spoken word artist like
Ms. Correa are changing the mind-sets of communities like  Jacksonville.
Providing workshops in Art and STREAM that are attended by youth,
teens and young adults. Latinx women are expanding their
influence to show that cultural diversity in communities are valuable
and beneficial to a community and city as a whole.

Each person brings knowledge, experience, skill-sets, resources and
energy to create affective and beneficial change that encourages
communities, cities, states and nations to grow united in strength.
Change is happening, the paradigm of a glass ceiling has been shattered
and destroyed. Latinx women with a passion in Tech, STEM, STREAM
and other areas are growing and making influences that are changing
the perceptions wrongly created by mass media, bias and racism.

To aid in the growth of diversity with women in technology requires
families to support girls in their dreams. To inspire them to look at
careers that match their passions, visions and intellectualism.  The
ability to influence minds is not hard when you can find that it
can make positive change. There needs to be a common goal of
growth, achievement, equality, equitability and providing everyone
a seat at the table that truly represents inclusivity and emerging
influence of the Latinx community.
Resources for girls and women to be engaged in technology.

Aida Correa – LoveBuilt Life – Jacksonville Florida
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