Black Talk Radio 2009 Interview of William Jackson Black and Technology

Scotty Reed is the Host of Black Talk Radio
Blog Talk Radio January 2009
With the advent of new media technology, African Americans have a new tool to empower, inform and educate themselves yet many only use these tools for entertainment.
Blacks must be able to use and apply technologies to help in obtaining
educational successes, obtain new career fields that help build economic
stability and growth and create and share content that is authentic and
empowering for each generation.
Blacks must start to think past sports and entertainment and learn HTML,
Coding, Productivity Skills, Graphic Design, Development of Web Sites,
E-commerce and other areas that allow for leadership, creativity and
Join Black Talk Radio member and my guest William Jackson, M.Ed to discuss the question “Can African American’s Afford Not To Blog?”.
Can African Americans Afford Not To Blog

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