Teachers Joining Together in Virtual EdCamp Teacher Conferences

Teachers Joining Together in Virtual EdCamp Teacher Conferences
William Jackson, M.Ed. 32 year educational professional
My Quest to Teach #MyQuestToTeach

EdCamp Powerful Leaning
EdCamp Powerful Leaning

The diversity of subject areas for discussion in virtual EdCamp
conferences has expanded from just a dialogue on teacher
tools, platforms and the development of educational
strategies to equitable access to the Internet, teacher
preparation to teach virtually, the Digital Divide and
Teachers of Color Meet-up.

Discussion will be held in areas of
“Teachers of Color Meet-Up,” “Session 1: Elementary
School (Grades PreK-5),” and “Session 2: Digital Divide.”
There are many opportunities during the summer for educators
to share their experiences, ideas, strategies and incites
addressing COVID19, the pandemic and educational equality.

William Jackson, M .Ed PE Teacher
William Jackson, M.Ed PE Teacher

Digital learning has been thrust upon the nation
and what is being shown there are drastic changes
that are needed to accommodate all learners. Too
many students are denied access to high speed
access to the Internet, families are lacking the
necessary skills to help children learn virtually
and school districts many times do not have the
infrastructure to handle the amount of students
that will be trying to access virtual classes.

The pandemic is showing that there is much to do
for students, families and communities to address the
equability of accessing tools for virtual learning.
COVID19 school closures have caused drastic changes
in the instructional models across the nation.

Educators are working during the summer to continue
to figure out how to best support students with
virtual learning or a combination of traditional
and virtual. There were rapid changes when COVID19
started and educational leaders scrambled to move
traditional learning models from teaching in the
classroom to virtual classes.

Digital Jobs Globally
Digital Jobs Globally

Looking forward to participating in “Digital Promise
and Edcamp Foundation” events online. Educators
working to support one another in the transition
to virtual learning at Edcamp.

EdCamp Conferences 2020
EdCamp Conferences 2020

What EdCamps are:
Edcamps are free public events which leverage the
knowledge and experiences of attendees to create
the topics and discussions of the day.
The theme of this Edcamp is “Equity.”
These sessions provides a space for elementary,
middle and high school educators to connect and
share insight, experiences,
and resources related to this theme.

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