Sustainable Development Goals for Jacksonville Businesses During COVID19 and Beyond

Sustainable Development Goals for Jacksonville Businesses During COVID19 and Beyond
William Jackson, M.Ed. #MyQuestToTeach

William Jackson, M.Ed. Speaking at WP Y'All
William Jackson, M.Ed. Speaking at WP Y’All

As the world copes with COVID19 and potentially many Jacksonville
small businesses will be gone forever, many will be struggling to
remain open or even open back up. There is little guidance from
the government and in some cases confusion from local governmental
officals. Many small and minority businesses are being ignored and
continued to be marginalized no matter their color.

The community works that are necessary to help Jacksonville small
businesses stay alive are not being met. Local officials are not
even going into minority communities or using technology to talk
to local business owners. There is a big distinction between how
small businesses are being treated and larger businesses are.
In many cases small businesses cannot afford the fees associated
with the loans being offered and paying back of loans may not be
possible because potetntial customers themselves do not have
the monies to shop at smaller community businesses.

Small businesses performing evaluation of their financial data see
daunting finanicial challenges and are closing. Minority businesses
are hit hard financially, they are hard hit because they employ
family members and a double hit that family and friends financially
are exposed.

Create My Voice
Create My Voice

There is a challenge to moving forward in a economy with the
possibility of a depression and continued economic down turns.
Even with the changing of digital environments, small businesses
are not digitally conneceted. They may not understand the
value of Zoom, TEAMS, Skype, Facebook Live, IG Live and other
digital platforms. Even before COVID19 small and minority
businesses struggled with just having a basic social media presence.

The level of digital knowledge for samll business owners
needs to change, they have to increase and improve digitally.
This is a new normal and will not go back completely to the
way things were. There should be a plan how to implement online
Branding and Marketing. This needs to be a priority to help as
many businesses as possible for future exhistance.

Local and community busiensses are the key to building and
re-building communities. The strength of local business
infrastructures helps to contribute to the infusion of tax
dollars to help provide needed community services.
Small and miniority businesses help schools to grow, roads to
be maintained, fund emergency services and other structural
services needed. All small businesses are needed to help a
city survive and thrive.

Conversations and communications are important because
knowledge is only powerful if it is applied correctly,
strategically, purposefully and planned. The time is now
to work together to collaboraate not compete, to bring in
the youth, teens and young adults of the communinty to
teach business skills, how to think critically, creatively
and with innovaton.

Small and minority businesses need to receive business and
political education and share with youth and young adults
so they will be prepared to be the future leaders, role
models and investors of the future.

The thinking should now be beyond Black Lives Matter,
but how can these Black lives promote community unity,
community pride, community awarenes, stop community killings,
stop community homelessness and work to build, create,
establish and finance investments in the Black and other
communities of cities. All small businesses are important
and needed for the rebuilding and growth of any community.

Digital Jobs Globally
Digital Jobs Globally

Listed are some community services in Jacksonville:

Tracking the Pandemic

Community Resource Guide in Duval County

Click to access DuvalCountyFL.pdf

Emergency Assistance Services
Appointment Line (904) 255-2469
Main Line (904) 255-3344

Florida Small Business Development Center


Urban League Jacksonville
(904) 723-4007

National Council of Negro Women – Jacksonville Section

Jacksonville Legal Aide
Phone: (904) 356-8371

Jacksonville Human Rights Commission
PHONE: 904-255-5397

Family Promise – Family Homeless Services
Phone: (904) 354-1818

Jacksonville Social Services
Phone: (904) 255-3322