Speaking at WordCamp and Fighting Impostor Syndrome

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“Hey Google Talk to Love Built Life”
by Aida Correa

Speaking at WordCamp and Fighting Impostor Syndrome
William Jackson, M.Ed. My Quest To Teach

2020 Speaker
William Jackson
WordCamp Miami – WordCamp Atlanta – WordCamp Santa Clarita
Aida Correa
WordCamp Greenville – WordCamp Atlanta – WordCamp Santa Clarita
WordCamp Jacksonville –

Aida and William
Aida and William

Does the thought of speaking at a WordCamp conference
inspire you? Does the idea of sharing your knowledge,
experiences excite you? Then you should apply to be a
speaker at WordCamp conferences locally, nationally and
internationally and be engaged at local meetups.

I love to share that if a PE teacher from Jacksonville, Florida
can do it anyone can, that is not to say PE teachers are not
good speakers, on the contrary our community of Physical
and Health educators is based on motivating youth, teens
and young adults to be the best they can be each and
every day.

The same zeal, zest, smiles and enthusiasm I use in
teaching at school, teaching in bible study in ministry,
community events and mentoring kids for me is applied
at WordCamp and KidsCamp conferences.

WC Jax
WC Jax WordCamp Jacksonville 


WordCamp conferences are for anyone not just experts,
anyone with a passion to share their knowledge and to
empower others is welcomed to attend, volunteer and
contribute. You do not have to be an expert, because you
have knowledge in your brain that others need to learn
from (paraphrasing Steve Schwartz , a respected
speaker and advocate on Cyber-Security
Steve Schwartz Twitter – @AVT_Steve

Not only is WordCamp a great opportunity to network, to build
your personal and professional learning community and network,
as an African American blogger, educator and digital advocate,
I encourage underrepresented groups who are thinking about
speaking at WordCamp conferences to do it and gain valuable
skills in public speaking and sharing technical content.

The communities that are indigenous are encouraged to register
to attend and even register their children to attend KidsCamp to
build digital skills that open multiple doors for future careers as
thought leaders, digital innovators and entrepreneurs. Indigenous
youth, teens and young adults should be taking “seats at the
tables” of companies and corporations to create positive
changes for their communities. If there is not voice they will
continue to be ignored and not have the necessary influence to
help build their communities.

The recent blog
“2020 The Need for Indigenous Youth to Attend Global Tech
Conferences” shares that in order to obtain careers of leadership,
influence and create dynamic change conferences need to be
attended and speaker opportunities taken advantage of.

Do not allow “Impostor Syndrome” to stop you from participating
and sharing what you know. WordPress Meetups and WordCamp
conferences are phenomenal venues to receive support, develop
growth strategies to improve presentation skills, build skill-sets,
witness that representation of color and culture does matter and
that all shades of people of color and culture are involved in many
areas of tech.

Listen to Nathan Ingram in this awesome Podcast about IS

As a graduate of an HBCU – Historically Black College and
University, South Carolina State University I passionately
encourage HBCU students and instructors to get involved
and engaged in the WordPress community. HBCU students
are welcomed and encouraged to attend and participate in
volunteering and gaining skills to be speakers not just at
WordCamp, but use those skills in other venues.

Think of what is stopping you from sharing your knowledge
and throw it to the winds. Contemplate how to move beyond
your fears, cast away your self-doubts and talk on.  Boost your
speaking confidence with the understanding that the more you
speak the better you get and take your content creation to
another level in your local environment, on national stages and
even international levels of engagement.

Les Brown stated that “fear kills dreams, fear kills passions”
Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BjFo4skppw
WordCamp conferences and KidsCamp are safe places because
no one is judged by their gender, generation, color, culture or age.
Knowledge is what is sought out, engaging the audience to move
their skills-sets higher in their quest to continue to build a more
inclusive knowledge community and grow into thought leadership

Impostor Syndrome should not keep anyone from growth, “IS”
should not be a roadblock to developing and enhancing anyone’s
voice. The voice is a powerful vehicle of information sharing and
potential collaboration. In our world of information sharing, being
able to collaborate is more valuable than competing against each

The WordPress community’s foundation is based on democratizing
the web to open the web to diversity, inclusivity, generational
growth and community that is local, national and global. Helping
others achieve their goals and expanding their influence. Why
should anyone be fearful knowing this?

Educational professionals would do well to participate
because students are so connected, that digital resources
are affecting and influencing the learning designs of students.
Students do not just read books anymore, they are connected to
content that is engaging, interactive, busy, and provides immediate

A “Knowledge Society” is changing the direction of instruction
and the placement of students as they pass through the
educational curriculum’s from elementary to middle to high
school. KidsCamp is embracing youth, teens and young
adults in STEAM experiences and exposure that can be seen
by Sandi Batik is a WordPress trainer and Annika Akinmusuru
a  youth participating as a KidsCamp teacher at WordCamp
San Antonio

KidsCamp are growing in Central America in Costa Rica,
Nicaragua, and in Mexico to the North. The potential to advance
global engagement is unlimited. KidsCamp starts the process of
developing future volunteers, speakers and organizers. Inspiring
these  youth now is key because once they get over potential
fears they will take WordCamp, KidsCamp and other venues to
the next level.
Aida and I have been teachers for 2 years at WordCampCR in
Costa Rica this continues to open our eyes the building of
communities outside of the US.

WordCampCR KidsCamp 2018
WordCampCR KidsCamp 2018


WordCampCR in Costa Rica Central America
WordCampCR in Costa Rica Central America 2019

Allowing IS stop dreams from achieving will kill the digital
creativity and innovation that is lying dormant in so many people.
When you allow IS to win you are denying others the knowledge
that you have and preventing learning that can be shared locally,
nationally and globally.

The Wiki def. is:
Impostor syndrome. … Impostor syndrome (also known as impostor
phenomenon, impostorism, fraud syndrome or the impostor experience)
is a psychological pattern in which one doubts one’s accomplishments
and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a “fraud”.

Don’t allow  your destiny to be determined by a definition from the
Internet, embrace your talents, skills, abilities and knowledge to be
the change you want to create and to grow.

Aida and William KidsCampJax2019
Aida and William KidsCampJax2019

To see where WordCamps are check out the site WordCamp
Central.. https://central.wordcamp.org/
Videos on fighting IS https://wordpress.tv/?s=impostor+syndrome

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