2020 WordCamp Sustainable Development Goals for Content Creators

2020 WordCamp Sustainable Development Goals for Content Creators
by William Jackson, M.Ed. My Quest To Teach #MyQuestToTeach

Prof Jackson and Students
Prof Jackson and Students at Edward Waters College

As a professional educator of 32 years there is
always the  desire to take information and place it in
categories of measurable data and applied strategic
placement in learning objectives. The practice is an
educational necessity to make sure data is applied
the correct way and there are measurable
assessments available to make sure there is
learning and the objectives are met.

Businesses perform similar evaluations of their
data and match it with employee performance,
scalability of knowledge, productivity data points,
applicable skill-sets from training and other analytical
properties. Everyone is always evaluated,
it may not be equal, but it there are metrics in place.

In education processes are done with what have
you learned and from that learning can you apply to
actual performance standards. The challenge is that
not all assessments mean anything really. A test
cannot assess the passion people have, a test cannot
assess the willingness to help other people, a test
cannot assess why someone would spend hundreds
of their personal finances to volunteer and share their
years of knowledge and experiences with strangers.

I have attend WordCamp conferences for several years
and after attending a WordCamp conference evaluating
the learning experience into integrating new concepts
to teach youth, teens and young adults is fun and
necessary. I apply conversations I have with people to
my personal growth and “pay it forward” to others as
can be seen on Twitter, Slack and other places where
information is shared. There is  sustainable development
ongoing constantly. Intellectual  property is a valuable
asset that helps other grow and contribute to the overall
success of business and education.

There is a learning curve and an adaptation to moving
forward in an ever changing digital environment. How
can new learning about technology help you to grow?
A measure of WordCamp success and engagement
after attending needs to be strategic and planned.
There should be a plan to what sessions to attend,
what questions to ask at the Happiness Bar, when
talking in the hallways and even bathrooms of
conferences what is the priority of the day that
needs solving or if the priority is to help as many
people as possible. Personal growth can also be
the personal growth to and of others.

Hospitality at YYC
Hospitality at YYC Calgary Canada

The humorous thing about WordCamp is that a 5
minute exchange of information in a bathroom can
motivate others to new levels of wanting to learn
more. Side conversations around the refreshments
area can create new friendship, fellowship and even
sharing Bible scripture as I have heard on several
occasions. There have been information shared in
conversations that I have when I teach in
Bible Study that I share at my church.

Self sacrifice is an important part of being human
and the growth of humanity and you see this at all
WordCamp and KidsCamp conferences. Helping
others to reach their potential and share that
knowledge even more. Youth, teens and young
adults are looking at the adults and seeing how
adults apply tech, share their knowledge and
grow personally and professionally.


Attending WordCamp Phoenix I was inspired by
17 year old Steven and his energy and passion for
WordCamp conferences. Hearing his story and
journey should inspire others especially youth and
their parents attending KidsCamp.
Conversations like Steven are important because
knowledge is only powerful if it is applied and given
freely and joyfully. Steven shows that when supported
as he is with family that anything
is possible and obtainable.

Things I have learn since 2012 are fluid and scalable,
the perspectives, incites, relational data points, applied
objectives and even using differential instruction when
speaking to diverse audiences are considered to help
other grow beyond where they are.

Sustainable development are not just fancy words for
content creators, but living, breathing, measurable
goals that can be used in multiple professions.
Networking is key to sharing information. When I
taught at Edward Waters College from 2004 to 2017
I tried to teach my students that they cannot afford
to be shy, complacent, have feelings of entitlement,
not think they are owed anything in life. What you
give is what you will get in return.

Aida Correa and William Jackson
Aida Correa and William Jackson
WordCamp Phoenix
WordCamp Phoenix

The WordCamp and WordPress community is always
giving, sharing, inspiring, encouraging, elevating.
Content creators of all types, genders, lifestyles,
abilities, generations, colors and cultures thrive.

Our travels for 2020
WordCamp Jacksonville will be happening
March 28th and 28th in Jacksonville, Florida

WordCamp Miami will be happening
February 28, 29 and March 1

WordCamp Atlanta will be happening
April 18, 19

WordCamp Greenville will be happening
March 7th

WordCamp YYC will be happening
May 29, 30