2020 WPJax & WPJaxKids MeetUps – Building Digital Business Owners for

2020 WPJax & WPJaxKids MeetUps – Building Digital Business Owners for the Future
Elisha Taylor, III and William Jackson, M.Ed.
“I want to do really big things in life and for me to change the world
I must encourage others to stop the repeating of destructive habits
and behaviors.” Elisha Taylor, III

Digital Jobs Globally
Digital Jobs Globally

KidsCamp Jacksonville https://2020.jacksonville.wordcamp.org/kidscamp/

The New Year 2020 is an opportunity for more WordPress
events to include youth, teens and young adults to participate
and provide mentors that may have positive and transformative
effects on behaviors that youth may have. The directions of their
lives may be changed by proving opportunities to envision new
career opportunities and even to be business owners at an early

Youth, teens and young adults are involved in the growing
WordPress  (WP) community as bloggers, content creators,
micro-bloggers, speakers and even developing organizers that
plan and run WordCamp conferences.  These young people are
beginning entrepreneurs through  exposure to technology,
involved in workshops and speaking at conferences.

The future is now for learning and applying tech in everyday life.
Elisha a high school junior, Elizabeth and Esther middle school
students, are web site designers,  they are learning by participating
in the free WPJax Kids Meetup and attending  KidsCamp associated
with WordCamp Jax conference.

The next WCJax conference March 2020 in Jacksonville, Fl
WC conferences and KidsCamp  are developing influential  speakers,
organizers, digital business owners as well as teaching skills that will
aid in achieving career dreams.  The inclusivity of these Meetups are
vitally important so  youth from 7 years to young adults are exposed
to tech in areas of their interest that lead to career ideas that inspire
and encourage growth.

Opportunities like WPJaxKids help kids learn web development and
elements of STEAM Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics.
Elizabeth and Esther have participated in several meetups and
WordCamp conferences. Elisha has stated that being involved in groups
like WPJaxKids Meetup, TEDxFSCJ  Salons and WordCamp conferences
is preparing  him for real world experiences in potential technology
careers and increasing his chances for entering into higher education
after graduating from high school.

Sisters Elizabeth and Esther are eagerly preparing to enter the career
of fashion design after high school that demand digital skills. They  are
preparing early for this very competitive career choice. Elementary
students like Janae, already a skilled animator get the chance to share
and build on her natural talents and learn how to apply her knowledge
in an environment that encourages innovation and creativity. Many
times girls do not have supportive places to create, share, and talk
about their interests in the Arts, Blogging, Video and Animation.

Community WP

Events like WordPress Meetups are the perfect place for adults and
kids because adults have past experiences being the same kids that
may not have been supported or encouraged. Now with Meetups
they can share their talents, skills, abilities and even dreams.

STEAM and tech experiences will help youth, teens and young adults
with learning valuable skills and be better prepared for real world
experiences and opportunities.

More information can be found about WPJaxMeetUp for these
free workshops for adults and youth, teens and young adults in
Jacksonville and surrounding communities.

Why We Started WPJax Kids MeetUP

What will you find going on at WPJaxKids Meetup

WC Jax
WC Jax March 28 and 29 2020