2020 The Need for Indigenous Youth to Attend Global Tech Conferences

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2020 The Need for Indigenous Youth to Attend Global Tech Conferences
William Jackson, M.Ed. #MyQuestToTeach

Indigenous Youth In Africa
Indigenous Youth In Africa

Technology conferences are offering incentives for youth,
teens and  young adults to attend conferences. Events like
FlBlogCon, WordCamp, SXSW, EdCamp, BarCamp and others
are happening globally.
They are providing SWAG that attract the attention of
youth, teens and young adults.  These are great marketing
strategies to encourage and attract youth,  teens and
young adults from indigenous communities that are
sometimes forgotten and neglected.

History has not been kind nor generous to indigenous
peoples, in the world. There is access to instant
communication, wifi, digital Apps, Social Media platforms,
there are so many ways to connect, but access to learning
and networking opportunities is minimal or
unavailable. Experts to the needs of indigenous youth
are not always available so needs go unfilled.

In 2020 this should be changing because indigenous youth,
teens and young adults are dreaming of a better life for
them and their families.
They see the opportunities that technology is offering and
encouraging them to reach for the sky, the stars, the planets
and beyond. Let it be known that indigenous people are
people of color, culture, gender, generation and great
contributors globally.

Indigenous Youth In Canada
Indigenous Youth In Canada

From Canada, to Central America, to Africa, to Europe and
Asia youth, teens and young adults have unprecedented
opportunities to be involved in tech conferences to learn
valuable skills that will carry them into future career
choices to be entrepreneurs and create their own careers
to help their cultures grow and prosper.  Digital  influencers
are not just white faces they are the beautiful hues of color
and shades of  our world.

America does not have the resources to continue to be the
only global technology powerhouse, globally things are
changing and America is feeling the effects. In collaboration
to learning code, PHP, scripting languages, programming and
web design, the integration of Science Technology Engineering
Arts Mathematics is necessary to build skills-sets for the
future to help address and solve challenges that are faced
daily by human existence.

Youth and teens are gradually learning the importance of
applying technology skills to build on critical and higher
order thinking.
Enhancing their combining of creative and innovative
processing of information to influence future digital
adaptations in robotics, re-newable energy resources,
working with nature not against natural forces that are
available. In many cases indigenous youth have learned
from their elders and nature to survive with the land,
but many lessons are being lost because the land has
and is still being taken away.

Indigenous Youth In Asia
Indigenous Youth In Asia

Youth attending conferences allows exposure not just to
people, youth learn terminologies that enhance their
ability to communicate on intellectual levels. Broadening
language abilities allows youth, teens and young adults as
they grow to sit at the tables of diverse digital and intellectual
tables and not be threatened by the lack of knowledge
and understanding. Comprehending is key to being able
to contribute to the discussion of building digital networks
and creating PLC – Professional Learning Communities and
Professional Learning Networks.

Indigenous youth, teens and young adults represent their
cultural heritage and build learning opportunities and speak
their languages. Representation matters in STEAM, Tech,
Social Media and in Digital Innovation. When indigenous
youth see themselves involved outside of their communities
they are encouraged and empowered to alter
their thinking.

WordCamp in Africa
WordCamp in Africa

The learning of digital languages is a path to decision making
where representation is not an issue because there are those
present that are of gender, color and culture. Those sitting at
the tables of digital business and commerce look like the youth
in neighborhoods dreaming of owning their own business and
aspiring to make global changes.

The growth of conferences guarantees that youth are engaged
in activities of digital creativity and digital exploration. New
skills learned and applied will be with youth for years to help
shape and mold decisions for digital and economic growth in
the communities these youth live.

Globally the uniqueness of conferences are open to indigenous
children around the world. Providing opportunities for them to
see there are choices and chances in life to broaden their vision
of careers, hobbies and learning the skills of networking and
developing generational wealth.

Digital Jobs Globally
Digital Jobs Globally

WordCamps are global conferences that embrace diversity,
inclusion, innovation and creativity. Stated by Abdullah Ramzan
Twitter @Software_abi “The beauty of WordPress (Web Platform)
is that it is made for everyone.”

In Africa, Asia and Central America, India there are conferences
that teach from the very basics to the more advanced in HTML,
E-commerce, marketing, branding and cyber-security.
The steady and rapid growth of wireless technologies are building infrastructures that will carry indigenous peoples into the next
decade as it grows into its’ place in digital innovation where the
people will be the next natural resource for creativity and
innovation not just the land itself.

Future of Costa Rica
Future of Costa Rica

Digital innovators are thriving in Africa, Asia, Central America,
India and even Australia, growth is expanding opportunities to
influence financial markets.  Organizers for WordCamp  and
KidsCamp represent their communities, cultures, colors
and generations.  They are influencing new generations to
grow and be technical leaders in their regions of  the world.
Digital growth in Mexico, South America, Central America
is phenomenal this includes Panama and Nicaquagua:
these nations cannot be left out Guatemala, Belize,
Honduras and El Salvador.
Their greatest resources are the people.

Indigenous children must be able to engage in conferences
and workshops where their minds are broadened, their
skills are improved and sharpened and their fear of
what is new is overcome. Kids will be competing against
each other as they build their business interests
digitally before they are adults.

Exposure is valuable and representation is key to
motivating indigenous youth both girls and boys to new
levels of thinking in life. Parents must allow their
children to participate in conferences to build skills
for future employment. Children need to learn how
to network, collaborate, cooperate and work with
the diversity the world has to offer.

Too many indigenous youth are denied access, opportunities,
creative growth and innovative inspiration, this decade is an
opportunity to change this. Tech provides building a world
of discovery and innovation, and working together to
accomplish goals and building future dreams in
careers, business as entrepreneurs. Global WordCamps
can be found here
https://central.wordcamp.org/ many support youth,
teens and young adults in attending.

Indigenous Youth in Central America
Indigenous Youth in Central America

The building of digital leaders in countries is encouraging,
many are youth, teens and young adults themselves.
The chance to inspire our beautiful, innovative, creative
and smart indigenous generation is growing.
The world needs indigenous youth to be as smart as they
can be, as creative and as innovative as their talents allow.
The world cannot allow the brilliance and intellectual ability
of indigenous youth, teens and young adults to go to waste
because these youth, teens and  young adults are
important to our world.

Through conferences like WordCamp and corresponding
KidsCamp provide the foundation to mentor and model,
representation does matter for youth of color and culture.
If they see people that look like them, they will aspire and
dream to be like them and more.

Representation Matters for Indigenous Youth!!!

WordCamp and KidsCamp
San Jose, Costa Rica 2019

WordCampCR in Costa Rica Central America
WordCampCR in Costa Rica Central America 2019
WordCampCR KidsCamp 2018
WordCampCR in Costa Rica Central America  2018
WordCamp Calgary Canads 2019
WordCamp Calgary Canads 2019
WordCamp San Jose Costa Rica 2018
WordCamp San Jose Costa Rica 2018
William and Aida in Calgary YYC
William and Aida in Calgary YYC 2019
Aida and William KidsCampJax2019
Aida and William KidsCampJax2019


San Jose WordCamp 2019
San Jose WordCamp 2019
Costa Rica Flag
Costa Rica Flag
WordCampCR Costa Rica Central America 2019
WordCampCR Costa Rica Central America 2019
WordCampCR Costa Rica Central America 2019
WordCampCR Costa Rica Central America 2019
WordCampYYC Calgary Alberta Canada 2018
WordCampYYC Calgary Alberta Canada 2018 with youth from the Sudanese community in Alberta