The Future is Bright for African Children with STEAM and Web Development

The Future is Bright for African Children with STEAM and Web Development
William Jackson, M.Ed.

Uganda Bloggers
Uganda Bloggers

Developing and implementing STEAM Initiatives and Integrating
Web Development is the key to developing Africa’s future of
technology and digital innovation. As a teacher of 32 years and
sponsoring students and teachers to attend WordCamp conferences
I see the value of sponsoring youth, teens and young adults to be
involved in a growing technological field. The growth of technology
conferences and the integration of the diversity of STEAM being
made available for African youth, teens and young adults to be
involved in new areas of tech is important for growth economically,
educationally and even socially across the continent.

Professional educators in Africa are developing curriculum’s that are
fun, engaged, relevant to the needs of African children and inclusive
to the diverse needs of African children. Children of Africa need to
see representation that looks like them, allows for mentoring and
awareness in technology careers and as entrepreneurs. WordCamp
conferences like WordCamp Nairobi Kenya and WordCamp Harare are
opening new doors for growth

The implementation of STEAM, STEM, STREAM and CSTREAM
engagement allows for the building of critical and higher order thinking
that children have naturally, but not sure how to apply these  gifts.
African children like American children many times do not understand
how to apply and build on their brilliance.
Kids, youth, teens and young adults are looking to be included in the
opportunities that WordCamp conferences present and the combining
of other tech conferences  across the continent in Africa.

Conferences are happening globally and even active in Latin America,
Central  America and South America. The same passion can be applied
in Africa, The Americas and other places, African youth, teens and
young adults need an opportunity to grow.
They are preparing youth and teens to be the future leaders their
nations will need. Providing global collaborations and building
professional and personal networks.  These opportunities should
be inviting to youth and teens, bring diversity in learning
engagement, fun and teaching skills that are required in business,
commerce and global enterprises.

Bursting at the doors African youth, teens and young adults are
wanting to learn coding, programming, cyber-security and web
development. Kids want to learn how to be entrepreneurs and
business owners. One of the fastest growing business owners
are African youth, teens and young adults they are Africa’s
“The thirst for technology of young Africans” by Boubacar Diallo
shows how technology is changing lives and communication
technologies enable young entrepreneurs to create a better future.

African kids love technology just as kids from around the world
and what the potential is for new business ideas. The future of
tech is in the youth, teens and young adults that are learning in
schools that have programs where learning can gain high salary
careers, in order to “qualify” there needs to be the right
education and mentor-ships. African children are dreaming digitally
of careers so they can provide for their families and create social

African children must be able to engage in conferences where
their minds are broadened, their skills are improved and sharpened
and their fear of what is new is overcome. Conferences create an
environment of innovation, creativity and discovery. All that is
required is excitement, a love for learning
and creativity.

African children need to learn how to network, collaborate,
cooperate and work with the diversity the world has to offer.
Tech provides building a world of discovery and innovation, and
working together to accomplish goals and building future dreams
in careers, business and as entrepreneurs.
Children are learning about development, web design, coding,
java script, Podcasting, Vblogging, Microblogging and other
related skills. Kids will walk away from tech conferences
confident and empowered.

African Bloggers In Action
African Bloggers In Action

Building on being a thought leader, critical thinker and
innovative designer for business and community influencer.
African parents start this process by attending conferences
involving STEM and STEAM, the future is bright and
growing for African youth, teens and young adults.
If you’re interested in helping to sponsor youth, teens and
young adults to attend WordCamp conferences in Africa
and Central America contact me and lets collaborate
William Jackson, M.Ed.