WordCampYYC Embracing Canadian Hospitality and Friendship WCYYC 2019-2020

WordCampYYC Embracing Canadian Hospitality and Friendship WCYYC 2019
William Jackson, M.Ed.

William and Aida in Calgary YYC

William and Aida in Calgary YYCThinking back to previous WC conferences I’m always happy to think
about traveling thousands of miles from home and being treated with
kindness, respect, friendship and professionalism. WordCamp
conferences are more than tech conferences they embrace and
respect the humanity of others.

The humanity of people comes out first and is shared in words, deeds
and actions. Visiting far away from home there should be remembrance
of how to behave and how to act. We are visitors and representing not
just ourselves, but we represent our communities, our homes and our
nation. We are emissaries and pilgrims when we travel internationally

William Jackson (My Quest To Teach) and Aida Correa
(LoveBuilt Life, LLC) were speakers at the WordCamp conference
WordCampYYC in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 2018 and 2019. We
even volunteered and assisted with the KidsCamp…
The conference, well respected and well attended event by over
300 people from the United States and provinces across Canada.
The spirit of the event contained a respect and admiration for each
of our abilities to share knowledge and experiences.

Aida at YYC
Aida at YYC

The two day conference has speakers from many providence’s
of Canada, the United States and attendees represented the
growing diversity of Canada. The invitation to speak at WordCamp
is provided to content creators of diversity in knowledge, gender,
culture and generation. Where knowledge is respected and shared.
The power of “applied knowledge” helps to build businesses,
creating opportunities to build a PLN – Professional Learning Network
and PLC – Professional Learning Communities.

The chosen speakers are respected in their fields of influence, study
and knowledge. They range from traditional Bloggers to Micro-bloggers,
Podcasters, Video-bloggers, Digital Influencers and business owners.
There are SEO experts, Coding, Programming and Digital Media
experts. New voice technologies are growing and experts like Chip
and Pam Edwards of Create My Voice –
#CreateMyVoice – https://createmyvoice.com are sharing new digital
voice platforms that allow for engagement and interactions. There
is always room to learn from others and WC conferences are the
places to connect, collaborate and create.

Women's Panel
Women’s Panel

The attendance of women has grown tremendously and the
engagement of women as speakers has grown across the board
for WordCamp conferences locally, nationally and internationally.
In addition, people of color have grown in attendance and speaking,
even the indigenous people are seeing the benefits of attending and
learning. The KidsCamp opens new doors for potential careers for
the youth, teens and young adults that attend and are either veterans
or newbies.

As an African American male in his 50’s there are opportunities to
share my experiences, wisdom, exposure and even generational
experiences. The humanistic elements are important for people to
understand that technology is as only influential as the people that
create content and post it on platforms that invite engagement
and interaction.

The uniqueness of a WordCamp is everyone that has knowledge
is welcomed, no matter the years of experience everyone has
something to contribute and provide. Everyone has something
to share that builds knowledge, collaboration and engagement.
There is a mentality of “each one teach one” and “train the
trainer” collaborations.

What has helped Aida and I is being involved in STEAM instruction
and teaching in the community. What we have learned at
WordCamp we can apply in education curriculum’s and community
education workshops and community conferences. Youth, teens and
young adults need to know they are welcomed, needed and supported.
Especially children of color and culture where representation matters.
When children of color and culture see men and women of color
they are inspired to grow.

Aida Speaking in YYC
Aida Speaking in YYC

Aida, also an educator, Artist, Web Developer and involved
in the community offers a unique perspective of technology
and the Arts. There are many that attend WordCamp
conferences that are Artists and seeking to find how they
can apply their crafts, gifts and talents to the open source
community. Her business of Artistic workshops for all ages
shows the influence and importance of the engagement
of The Arts in business, technology and STEAM.
Even attending WCUS there are artist like Jenni….

The opportunities to grow into a thought leader, digital
innovator and influencer are available on multiple scales.

Having traveled internationally it offers an opportunity
to experience the diversity of life and experiences to
share with others. The world is a dynamic and exciting
place. Inclusion, cultural awareness, generational respect
and gender appreciation are important. Speaking in Canada
is a rewarding experience to be remembered a life time.

International experiences broaden the perspectives
of collaboration, inclusiveness and cooperation. Aida and
I represent the beauty of diversity. Aida is an Afro-Latina
of Puerto Rican heritage and I’m African American of Native
American and African heritage. Embracing the beauty of
who we are and where we came from. Sharing that people
of diversity have much to offer and are influential agents
of change.

The people of Canada are welcoming, friendly, respectful
and show awesome hospitality and humanity. Each year
their WC is a wonderful conference that extends to friendship
and deeper fellowship.

Hospitality at YYC
Hospitality at YYC

WordCampYYC shows the spirit of friendship, peace, fellowship
and humanity. 2018 and 2019 are previews to great things to
come for WCYYC and all of Canada. 2020 and beyond looks
to be a growing empowerment for all WC conferences and
KidsCamp conferences throughout Canada
WordCampYYC – https://www.facebook.com/wordcampyyc

Christine Aida William
Christine Aida William


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