Youth and Teens Need to Attend Global Tech Conferences

Youth and Teens Need to Attend Global Tech Conferences
William Jackson #MyQuestToTeach
Aida Correa #LoveBuiltLife
Elisha Taylor III Intern

KidsCamp conferences in Calgary, Alberta Canada, Costa Rica,
Central America, Managua, Nicaragua, Central America, Africa
and Europe – children, youth, teens and even young adults have
opportunities to be involved in tech conferences to learn valuable
skills that will carry them into career choices.

In collaboration with learning coding, programming and web design,
the integration of Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics
is valuable to their future. KidsCamp Calgary shows that globally kids,
youth and teens are learning the importance of collaboration and
applying technology skills, critical and higher order thinking.

Attending conferences allows exposure not just to people, but kids
learn terminology that enhances their ability to communicate on
various intellectual levels. Broadening the language abilities allows
youth, teens and young adults as they grow to sit at the tables of
diverse digital and intellectual tables and not be confused, cut off
from knowledge and understanding. The learning of language is
a path to sitting at the table where decisions are being made, where
representation is not an issue because there is no one present that
will represent those not at the table.

Organizer Christine Workman, Twitter @AmethystAnswers
performed an outstanding job with KidsCamp in WordCampYYC
in Calgary. The attending kids where excited and engaged in activities
of web development and digital exploration. These new skills will be
with the youth for years to help shape and mold decisions for digital
and economic growth.

The expressions of concentration on the kids were evident and the kids
were giddy with excited energy for the days activities of building a web
site using and its free web development options. This
is not new for Calgary, there are other programs for youth, teens and
young adults to expose them to coding, programming, scripting languages
and web development. Role models like Christine and Aurooba Ahmed
Twitter @aurooba are available to inspire, motivate and teach.

The beauty of these conferences are open to indigenous children as
well around the world to broaden the vision of careers, hobbies and learning
the skills of networking and new career choices. WordCamp is an international
conference that embraces diversity, inclusion, innovation and creativity.
Stated by Abdullah Ramzan “The beauty of WordPress (Web Platform)
is that it is made for everyone.”

Developing STEAM initiatives and integrating with Web Development
is not a fab it is a realty for future careers for youth. Organizers for the
KidsCamp in Jacksonville 2019 and KidsCamp in Orlando 2018
William Jackson and Aida Correa create dynamic projects that embrace
the hands-on concept of “Design Theory” and STEAM. There are others
that work hard to make KidsCamp at WordCamp Miami, WordCamp Boston,
WordCamp San Jose and across Africa.

The growth of WordCamp conferences and the implementation of working
with kids and tech conferences being made available for youth, teens and
young adults shows involvement in new areas and inclusiveness in learning
across cultures. Jenni is from the UK and is a manager and web developer
interviewed by Aida, Latina web developer and business owner.

The implementation of The Arts, STEAM, STEM, STREAM and CSTREAM
engagement allows for the building of critical and higher order thinking that
children have naturally, but do not understand how to apply and build on their
brilliance. Tech conferences build personal confidence and provide a direction
for growth.

STEAM camps are happening across the nation and globally as can be seen
in Calgary, Canada and Costa Rica, Central America.Kids, youth, teens and
young adults are demanding to be included in the opportunities that conferences
present. They expect to be included and even asked to be involved in the
activities that are for their peers.In Central America 2019 and 2020
LAtINiTY – Getting ready for 2020 @LatinityConf for women and young ladies.
ERICKA BARBOZA @Pastelitocr and LIDIA ARROYO @lidivanarroyo
are Organizers for WordCampCR in Costa Rica and influencing new
generations to grow and be technical leaders in their nation.

There are competitions with Lego and Robotics not only happening
in the United States, they are in Costa Rica and Nicaragua in
Central America. Calgary has community orgs like Calgary Chapter
@learningcodeyyc teaching coding, programming and web development.
Follow the hashtags #yyc #glcCodeDay to see the great works.
The knowledge that representation does matter for children of color and
culture means they cannot be forgotten and not left behind.
Olivia Twitter @lemonadecode a speaker at WordCampUS is a role model along with others and is already a business owner and digital influencer.

Children must be able to engage in conferences and workshops where
their minds are broadened, their skills are improved and sharpened and
their fear of what is new is overcome. Kids will be competing against each
other as they build their business interests digitally in global ecommerce.
Elisha Taylor III Twitter @ElishaTaylorII1  a junior at Paxon School for
Advanced Studies is a wonderful example his blog is located at he to is a tech conference veteran and the Intern for William (My Quest To Teach) and Aida (Love Built Life).

Exposure is valuable and representation is key to motivating kids to new
levels of thinking in life. Parents must allow their children to participate in
conferences to build skills for future employment. Sports and entertainment
come with inherent risks, but education is only risky when it is discounted,
rejected and laughed at. Children need to learn how to network, collaborate,
cooperate and work with the diversity the world has to offer. Tech provides
building a world of discovery and innovation, and working together
to accomplish goals and building future dreams in careers, business
and as entrepreneurs. Global WordCamps can be found here

Parents must prepare their children to move beyond manual
labor jobs and into new levels of thought leadership career
paths that create leadership opportunities, management
opportunities, financial stability and the opportunity to travel the
world. Even if parents are blue-collar workers and in
careers that have inherent limitations does not mean their
children should be nor do they need to be thrust into similar
conditions. Education is the great equalizer and empowering.
Children of color must be exposed to the diversity of the world
in order to function in a diverse and inclusive world even if
that inclusion is fought for.

One of the challenges for many children, especially children
of color and indigenous backgrounds is that many do not get
out of their neighborhoods to explore the world around them.
They seem to be stuck with no exposure to the future and this
creates “dream deserts” where children don’t dream about
new careers and opportunities.

The scariest thing for children is to state they have no
dreams, no aspirations and no goals beyond just living and
surviving, this must never be allowed to continue. Indigenous
youth, teens and young adults have so much to offer in their
communities and must be encouraged and even sponsored
to be participants not just looking through windows of privileged
and prejudice being excluded and ignored.

Technology is helping humans to solve many of life’s challenges.
Children need to be part of the solutions to solve human challenges,
environmental threats, and complex environmental changes.
Embracing intellectualism, being a thought leader, gifted, talented,
creative and innovative should be celebrated and encouraged.

“Message for WordPressers: If you seriously want to do something
for yourself, do something for others first. Go for open source,
you’ll surely learn how to code. You’ll learn how to work in a team.
Join local meetups, meet with the folks: help them, learn from them
and share ideas.”
Abdullah Ramzan @Software_abi Twitter

Having fun at KidsCampCR in San Jose Costa Rica
Did You Know How Tech Influences Your Life 2017