Jacksonville Educators Volunteer, Speak and Teach at International WordCamp in San Jose, Costa Rica, Central America

Jacksonville Educators Volunteer, Speak and Teach
at International WordCamp in San Jose, Costa Rica,
Central America

Aida Wm Trey (GreenGeeks)
Aida – Wm – Trey (GreenGeeks)

The international conference WordCamp San Jose
was held in San Jose Costa Rica, Central America.
Invited for the second year William Jackson (My Quest
To Teach) and Aida Correa (LoveBuilt Life, LLC) of
Jacksonville, Florida, for the first time 6 other Americans
were invited and spoke as well.
Hallway Meetings at WordCamp San Jose

Hallway Meetings at WordCamp San JoseWordCamp San Jose is the largest WordCamp in
Central America with over 700 participants attending
workshops and presentations addressing not just
WordPress web development platform, but graphic
design, client/customer support, SEO (Search Engine
Optimization), Content Creation, Coding, PHP, Design
Theory, just to name a few of the sessions provided by
local and international speakers.

This year there were 8 American speakers including
William Jackson and Aida Correa as they performed
triple duty not just as speakers, but teachers in the
KidsCamp and  volunteers contributing to social media
Using the hashtag #thatwordcamplife across Twitter
and Instagram they showed the diversity, learning,
engagement, fun and passion at WordCamp SanJose.

Aida Correa and KidsCamp
Aida Correa and KidsCamp

One of the highlights was the KidsCamp where about
40 youth and teens participated in the workshop that
William and Aida created integrating STEAM design,
creative design and design theory based on STEAM.
An instructional concept they apply in their workshops
they provide in their local community and the WPJaxKids
Meetups held in Jacksonville.

The projects are individual and team based aligned
with Instructional Strategies and The Arts.The instruction
is aligned with standards that are found in educational
systems across the nation. This years projects were
focused on Habitats in Costa Rica and understanding
animals and their value in the ecosystems of Costa Rica.

Applying this learning to Web Development so the youth
and teens attending along with their parents can see how
digital learning, The Arts and STEAM creates a local,
national and international cycle of growth, awareness
and relevancy applying technology.

William Aida Ericka
William Aida Ericka

The Lead Organizer Ericka Barboza along with the teachers
William and Aida make dynamic and academic contributions
to show youth, teens and parents how to integrate tech into
every day learning and social consciousness to solve programs
of social issues through educational alignment with real life

Pictured are the youth, teens and young adults participating
in KidsCamp along with Lead Organizer Ericka Barboza and
the many volunteers helping to make this KidsCamp a
success. On the right and back second and third from the
right are William Jackson and Aida Correa.

The growing integration of STEAM and Web Design is building
critical and higher order thinkers in children at an early age to
prepare them to be the problem solvers, digital leaders,
creative innovators and change agents Costa Rica will need
as the nation grows and as Central America becomes an
international influencer.

Central American nations are learning that the natural resources
for economic stability, growth, expansion and influence are also
being made the in the youth, teens and young adults that are
being educated in the educational systems. As with any nation
and is striving for a digital revolution the children and each
generation need to be educated, mentored and nurtured as they
grow and embrace visionary passions for themselves, their
families and their nation. Soon there maybe a WordCamp
Latin America, WordCamp Central American or WordCamp
Hispanic Revolution that demands the world to see Hispanics
as a growing influence in many fields of technology, digital
business and commerce.

Never allow someone else’s ignorance of another nation blind
you to the great potential of another race, culture or nation.
Ignorance is not bliss in this age of technology mastery and

William Jackson, Blogger and Educator
William Jackson, Blogger and Educator

Follow William Jackson and Aida Correa at the web site
That WordCamp Life to follow their travels locally, globally
and internationally https://thatwordcamplife.com/

Photos from WordCamp San Jose