The Alphabet of Being A Central American Content Creator

The Alphabet of Being A Central American Content Creator
by William Jackson, M.Ed.
Twitter @wmjackson
Proud speaker at WordCamp San Jose 2018 and 2019
Volunteering with KidsCamp 2018 and 2019

Costa Rica Flag
Costa Rica Flag

Diversity: embrace the valuable content and the creative
innovation at WordCamp San Jose. Magnify a voice that
should be heard on a global digital scale to inspire thought
leadership and the awesomeness of diversity and inclusion
of the intelligence, intellect, innovation and creativity of the
people of Central America.” William Jackson, M.Ed. 2019

Shared from my passions as a WordCamp speaker, volunteer
and advocate of WordCamp San Jose. Special shout-out to the
WordCamp San Jose 2018 and 2019 organizers, volunteers,
and speakers. Many thanks for inviting Aida and I to speak and
thanks for the blessings of hospitality you have shared with Aida
and I in 2018 and 2019.
The opportunity to share the engagement of content development,
digital innovation and show the beauty of diversity and collaboration.

Pura Vida Costa Rica
Pura Vida Costa Rica

The Alphabet of Being A Central American
Content Creator A to Z
A. Directed to my brothers and sisters in Costa Rica and across
Central America, write as if the world is reading your content and
share your passions and intellect.
B. Write to show the intelligence, pride and beauty of your culture.
C. Your passion should be felt through your writings, photos and
videos. Content is an extension of who you are and your Brand as
a business owner and entrepreneur.
D. Your digital voice should resonate with pride and the cultural
history of the greatness you have.
E. Remember that you’re not just creating for you, you’re creating
and representing your Brand and your community.
F. Your content will inspire generations because it will be forever
posted online in a never-ending digital life.
G. Your content is an investment and invitation to others, be sure
to treat it with respect and cultivate its growth and influence.
H. Intellectual investments are valued, so be sure to invest in your
Brand that promotes growth, respect, honor and cultural love.
I. Remain humble to the power of your content and humble to the
power of your voice.
J. Be authentically authentic about who you are and where you
come from. Your actions represent your community and nation.
K. Embrace the diversity of your community and find common
ground for collaboration and building each new generation.
L. You’re the expert of you… never allow others to define you
or tell your authentic story. Costa Rica and Central America
has a rich history, be sure to share it. PURA VIDA!!!
M. Don’t allow bias or racism to taint or spoil your views of
cultural diversity in your community. Telling a story means telling
through your eyes and experiences to build community.

N. Discover the why of why you write and share your talents with
the youth in your life.
O. The best natural resources of your nation is the children;
create, speak, write, blog, post so growth is abundant in them.
P. Write about the beauty and energy of your land and your people.
Q. Accept the diversity of your nation and your culture, unify and
recognize the Diaspora.
R. Look with different eyes at your environment, use places, people,
smells, sites and experiences to influence your writing. Empower
your voice from the energies around you.
S. Use digital resources to research and learn from great writers,
remember “The storyteller has a different agenda than the emperor.”
Chinua Achebe 2008 Nigerian Writer
T. What Costa Rican and Central American writers should you
know before and after WordCamp? If there are too little then YOU
become the writer that tells a story.
Make a personal list and share at WordCamp.
U. The Danger of A Single Story –
What is your story, your countries story, your cultures story?
V. Write to educate, empower, engage and excite others.
W. Remember your voice has POWER, it can inspire, it can heal,
it can motivate, it can change lives, but it can destroy, bring chaos
and even death. Be wise in using your voice.
X. Think of the legacy you want to create and leave in the world.
Your words will last forever on digital platforms after WordCamp.
Y. Girls and women should have equal opportunities to expand
their abilities and talents. They have the talent to become thought
leaders and spark life-long learning in other girls and women
that will influence generations to come.
Z. Never forget the sacrifices that the elders made so that
generations can continue to rise and be agents of change.

Keep Christ first in all that you do as a culture, community and society.


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