WordCamp San Jose Raising Awareness in Digital Content Creation

William Jackson, Speaker and Educator
William Jackson, Speaker and Educator

WordCamp San Jose Raising Awareness in Digital Content Creation
by William Jackson and Aida Correa
My Quest To Teach and LoveBuilt Life
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The global availability of WordCamp and the participation by
thought leaders, journalists, artists, educators, content creators,
developers, graphic designers and coders to name just a few
of the diverse numbers that will attend
WordCamp Costa Rica 2019

WordCamp San Jose sparks a growth in awareness of the
value of digital content that even crosses languages and
cultures. People are empowered to be producers of digital
content that can influence the thinking and influence
that tech has.

The engagement in social issues, political ideologies,
cultural representation and even the betterment of gender
representation is being Blogged, Vblogged, and Podcast
across digital platforms and in the Hispanic culture embracing
not just the United States, but across Mexico, Central and
South America. Aida and I are so humbled
to be speaking at this years WordCamp San Jose and teachers
with the KidsCamp.

Aida Correa, Speaker and Teacher
Aida Correa, Speaker and Teacher

The direction of content creation has gone through adaptation
that allows for content to be applied in commercial, business,
education, commerce and even in agriculture showing that
diverse information can be managed using technology. Youth,
teens and young adults are the future problem solvers, they
need to be trained, mentored and exposed early to be the
thought leaders, creatives, innovators, problem solvers and
intellectuals that will be needed.

Digital content is adaptive and inclusive to text; photos, audio
elements and video. The value of content is its ability to empower
and inspire. To open minds to the potential to reach broader
audiences and open doors to collaboration using diverse digital
There are tools that can build Brands, connect lives that build
businesses and increase national and international collaboration.

San Jose WordCamp 2019
San Jose WordCamp 2019

WordCamp San Jose, WordCamp Nicaragua and WordCamp
Panama  represent the right way to apply thought leadership and
encourage digital engagement. Success is achieved as organizers
follow a strong vision, applied their knowledge, planned strategically
and with the results in mind.

The Kids Camp is well guided, kids from ages 7 to 14 along a
path that involves hands-on learning where story-boarding,
drawing, team-work and digital relevancy to show how
technology can be applied and the benefits of being engaged.

Aida and I were honored to volunteer and help with Kids Camp
as instructors and guide youth to building their content and
posting it online. Observing how the youth worked together
in unity and fun participated in the first KidsCamp in Costa
Rica in 2018, now in 2019 extend the learning.

This first KidsCamp held with over 18 kids involved and
their parents was a great success, the youth created their
own web sites using the tools of WordPress starting their
journeys as digital content creators.
What a great event all around that is building national and
cultural pride.

Costa Rica Flag
Costa Rica Flag

Costa Rica has a future full of information technology
leaders, smart creatives, digital visionaries, innovators
and business owners. They are growing as digital
international influencers. Their growing gender equality
and the value of equitability is seen as women are growing
in careers of digital influence.

WordCamp and corresponding tech conferences are bridging
Central America into positions of regional and global influence
that will open new career choices and opportunities to travel.
The over 700 attendees were the largest WordCamp in Latin
America thus far and 2019 is Sold Out as well. The diversity of
the organizing team makes success represented of some of
the best that Costa Rica has as digital advocates.

This century continues to see tech advancements that affect
the educational, economic, social and business relationships
of millions of people globally. Central America has the potential
to spring forth new generations of digital producers with skills
that will help make the world notice Central America
as a tech hub and digital influencer.

I have often used the TEDTALK from Novelist Chimamanda
Adichie , “The Danger of A Single Story” to show that people
must not allow perceptions to cloud their minds to the
intelligence and innovation of other cultures.

Central America is growing in its regional and global influence,
inspiring  youth, teens and young adults to enter into careers
that provide means to help their nation grow into  worlds of
technology advancement and leadership.

The nation of Costa Rica
The nation of Costa Rica

WordCamp San Jose will continue to grow and create opportunities
for networking,  educational advancement, collaboration in
business, commerce, economics and diversity that allows girls and
women equality and equal standing in the diversity of tech careers.
Aida and I are honored to be invited to speak at WordCamp San Jose,
this honor showed the respect, that digital influencers, thought leaders,
and educators have for each other and the power of global engagement.

Each year WordCamps in Central America will grow and create the means
to inspire unity and collaboration in Central and South America and the
world for Hispanics, Latinas, Latinos across gender and generational lines.

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Website for 2018: https://2018.sanjose.wordcamp.org/
Website for 2019: https://2019.sanjose.wordcamp.org/