Jacksonville Book Festival and Authors Round Table

Jacksonville Book Festival and Authors Round Table
William Jackson, M.Ed.
Volunteers with Authors Round Table
Building Authors and Integrating Tech
A paradigm of digital innovation and literary craftsmanship is
happening on the Northwest quadrant of Jacksonville. Empowering
authors with the knowledge to adapt diverse technologies to the
writing process.
It is not enough to just write and publish a book, authors must manage
their Brand, find their Niche and manage their content on Social
Media platforms using tools and Apps to bring awareness to
their works.
Integration of Social Media platforms, tools, and resources to build
Brands and create Niches is a tool set many authors are learning and
integrating. It is not enough to just write a book, authors need to
market their Brand.
Since its inception Authors Round Table has been providing guest
speakers the opportunity to share their knowledge, tips, tricks and
innovative literary creativity to empower and motivate others.
The growing fellowship of men and women, boys and girls of
diverse cultural backgrounds share in a brother and sisterhood of
literary accomplishment.
The goal of writing a book or books that expresses their passions,
interests, desires and excitement for reading.
Held at the Jacksonville Public Library Highlands Branch on the
third Tuesday of each month. The gatherings are informative,
energetic, inspiring, friendly and fun.
The building of personal and professional self-esteem and providing
help in writing, publishing, graphic design, promotion, e-books,
technology and other areas that make the writing and publishing
process daunting.
Every author is unique, the common thread of being a published
author is shared as a common goal. Events like the Jax Book Fest
show the fun and engagement of writing and the community it has
built in Jacksonville.
Blogging as well has been accepted and welcomed into the publishing
arena because many people do not have the time to sit down with
a book, but will read blogs, e-books and listen online from the free
resources that the library has to offer with interactive literature.
The Jacksonville Public Library has 21 library locations across the
city, this shows the respect for literature and understanding for a
growing community that sees education as the means for
improvement and economic elevation and stability.
Students in the schools have access to state of the art resources to
help them graduate and obtain higher educational degrees with
learning outside of the classroom to supplement classroom instruction.
Jacksonville Public Library is one of the largest library systems
nationally and each branch caters to youth, teens and  young adults.
Resources like the Authors Round Table is just one of many resources
that encourage writers to express their talents on diverse platforms
and come out to learn from each other.
The bonding and fellowship gained continues to help the goal of
writers to accomplish the goal of being published and embracing the
chore of promoting themselves, building their Brands and
creating a Niche.

All are invited that have a dream and a goal of being published
and need help with tech. Social Media assistance provide by:
Aida Correa, Love Built Life LLC, Twitter @lovebuiltlife,
AC Vasquez, Indie Author Instagram: @author_acvazquez
William Jackson, My Quest to Teach, Twitter @wmjackson

For more information to attend:
Authors Round Table authorsroundtable@gmail.com
Jacksonville Public Library – Highlands Public Library
http://jaxpubliclibrary.org/ – (904) 630-BOOK