Welcome to MQTT – My Quest To Teach

Badges from conferences spoken and attended

Welcome to MQTT or My Quest To Teach

This site will host my blogs from my experiences as a
WordCamp speaker, sponsor, promoter, advocate,
volunteer, organizer and blogger.
I have been blessed to participate in WordCamp
conferences since 2016 and loved each experience.

I will be sharing my WordCamp journeys and other
experiences on this site to engage, inspire, educate,
challenge, interest and advocate youth, teens,
young adults and adults.

One of my greatest desires is to advocate for diversity
in technology. To encourage youth, teens, young
adults  and adults to participate as much as possible
in technology conferences, workshops and seminars.

To excite and inspire HBCU students
Historically Black College and University
I’m a graduate of South Carolina State University
where I earned my Bachelor’s in Education and
Webster University where I earned my Masters
in Education with a concentration in Educational

Working at Edward Waters College from 20014 to
2017 I created a program titled.
Educational Technology, Social Media and STEAM
that is based on hands-on engagement, student
lead instruction. Online resources, blogging,
community engagement and civic responsibility.

Prof Jackson and Students
Prof Jackson and Students at EWC

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